Plissť Retractable Screens
What are Plissť retractable screens and how do they work?

The Poseidon Interiors Plisse (PLEE'-say) is the newest and most innovative of retractable screen designs. Poseidon Interiors is the pioneer in bringing these simple, elegant and cost effective screens to the American market. With this alternative to the complicated high-priced designs previously available you can now enjoy all the advantages of retractable screens at a lower price.

What are Plisse Retractable Screens and How do they Work?

Single Door Plisse Retractable Door Screen

The Screen Solutions Plisse

  • An Innovative Retractable Screen Design
  • All the Features and Benefits You Expect
  • European Styling, American Value
  • Simple, Dependable, Attractive
  • Small Profile Fits Inconspicuously in Any Opening
  • Safe Even for Small Children and Pets
  • For Windows Too
  • Easy to Order, Install and Afford

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Simple Diagram of Plisse Retractable Door Screen

An Innovative Retractable Screen Design

The Poseidon Interiors Plisse (pronounced plee-say) is an innovative retractable screen design that does away with all the complicated springs and bearings used in other retractable screens. The Plisse relies on the simple elegance of pleated screen fabric and operates in much the same way as a pleated blind.  As you pull the bar across the opening the pleats open to give you all the protection of any screen system without all the complications.

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All the Features and Benefits You Expect

The Screen Solutions Plisse has all of the features and benefits of the best retractable screens.
Heavy-duty aluminum four-sided frame
Baked on powder coat finish available in four standard colors or custom color
All stainless steel hardware
Top to bottom seal when closed
Innovative design using the unique pleated fabric system
A lifetime warranty
Carefree operation for years to come
Disappears completely when not in use
Sunlight reduction by 35% or more
A seal against nasty bugs even in strong winds
An attractive addition to any home
Safety for your children and pets
Assurance that you are purchasing a quality product
European Styling, American Value

Poseidon Interiors is proud to bring the European styling of the Plisse (PLEE'-say) screen to North America in a product assembled here in the USA with domestic and foreign sourced components. Long a popular choice in Europe, the Plisse is now available here so Americans can enjoy the sophisticated look, along with all the practical advantages, of this unique design.

Simple, Dependable, Attractive

The Poseidon Interiors Plisse, with its simple design, is both a dependable and attractive alternative to other retractable screen products. The Plisse does not need any of the complicated springs and bearings that other retractable screen systems use. Instead it depends only on a simple unique accordion fold screen fabric that stacks away out of site when not in use.

Because of this simple design the Poseidon Interiors Plisse is a retractable screen you can depend on for many years to come. With no springs to break or bearings to fail there is practically nothing to go wrong. A dependable retractable screen means less time spent maintaining it and more time enjoying the fresh air without those nasty insects coming into your home. Another unique feature of the Poseidon Interiors Plisse is the screen stays where you put it. With no spring pulling it open it will not open unexpectedly like other retractable screens. When closed you can depend on it to stay closed until you open it.

Simple design translates to attractive design. Without the bulky coiled screen housing, used in other retractable screens, the Poseiodn Interiors Plisse adds nothing but a slim pleasing frame to your opening. Yet the screen is ready to slide into place any time you need it. To make the Plisse even more attractive the bottom track and optional threshold adapter is available in colors to better match your threshold. For those with wood thresholds an oak threshold adapter is also available.

Plisse Oak Threshold AdapterBottom track shown here with the optional oak threshold adapter

Small Frame Profile Fits Inconspicuously in Any Opening

Unlike other bulky retractable screen systems the Poseidon Interiors Plisse will fit inconspicuously into any opening. With the simple Plisse design we have eliminated the unsightly large housing that conventional retractable screens roll into and replaced it with a small frame. The Plisse folds neatly into the pull bar, which is about the same size as the pull bar on those other retractable systems.

With a color designed to match the decor of any door or window, the Plisse frame almost disappears when installed. You will hardly know it is there, but you are just a pull away from all the screen protection you need.

Plisse Retractable Screen on Front Door

Safe Even for Children and Small Pets

If you are concerned about the safety of retractable screens for your children and small pets the Poseidon Interiors Plisse is the screen for you. Since the Plisse screen is not spring loaded there is no danger of the screen accidentally opening. Other retractable screens can suddenly and unexpectedly open and smash little fingers or trap small pets between the housing and pull bar.

Since the Plisse will not open on its own from the wind or being bumped you do not have to worry about pets easily getting out. The fabric on the Plisse is firmly held in place by the unique tensioning lines so it is much less likely that a small pet will be able to find its way under the fabric and out of the safety of your home.

The pleated, or Plisse, fabric is also somewhat more visible than other retractable screens, therefore you or your pets are less likely to run into it. This is safer for you, your pets and for the screen, since damage to a retractable screen is most likely to happen when someone walks into it. Not noticing the screen is the most common cause of retractable screen damage.

Plisse Retractable Window Screen

Retractable Screens for Windows, Too

The Poseidon Interiors Plisse, with its small profile and simple design, is ideal for use on windows, as well as doors. The screen can be installed to operate from left to right, from right to left or from top to bottom - making it the ideal choice whether you have single hung, double hung, casement or slider windows. The frame of the Plisse is so small that you will forget it is there when not in use. When you want to open your windows to let the fresh air in just slide the screen into place. With the Plisse in place the fresh air, not the bugs, is all you will let in.

Easy to Order, Install and Afford

Easy to Order

You can have the Poseidon Interiors Plisse without all the time and effort involved in ordering other retractable screen systems. What could be easier? Simply print the order work sheet, make 6 simple measurements, decide on the frame color and choose an optional threshold adapter. You are ready to fill out the online order form and your Plisse screen will soon be on its way to you.

Easy to Install

Whether you install them yourself or hire someone to do it, you can be confident of getting a quality installation without the hours of work or the cost of a highly skilled contractor. The simple design of the Screen Solutions Plisse makes installation a breeze. This design is not affected by commonly found out of square openings or unlevel thresholds. It will adapt to a wide range of imperfect openings that often exist in the real world. If you are installing the Screen Solutions Plisse yourself this means much less time spent on the installation and more time enjoying the fresh breezes through your new screen. If you are hiring someone to install it for you this means that anyone you would trust to do simple home improvements, such as installation of window blinds, can provide you with a quality installation of the Plisse. It really is that easy. Just unpack the screen, make any minor adjustments to the width with two simple cuts using a hacksaw, snap the frame together, mount the height adjusting header into the top of the opening with three screws, stand the screen in place and secure with several screws. Complete the installation by putting the optional threshold adapter in place, if needed, and you are ready to enjoy the cool breeze.

Easy to Afford

Now for the first time you can have all the convenience of those expensive retractable screens at a much lower price. Because of its unique simple design the Poseidon Interiors Plisse will give you better performance than those expensive, premium retractable screens and at a much lower price. Priced comparably to those flimsy, unreliable retractable screens sold at discount home improvement stores - the Screen Solutions Plisse is manufactured to the highest quality standards and will perform better than its higher priced competition. With the fabric firmly held in place by our unique tensioning lines it will not blow out, even in winds up to 30 MPH. Compare that to the competition, whose fabric may come out of the track with a mere 8 MPH breeze. You will save even more money on installation. With our simple flexible design the Poseidon Interiors Plisse will save you money even if you hire someone to install it. There is no need to hire an expensive contractor since any handyman can do this simple installation.

For Sliding or Atrium Style Doors

On both sliding doors and atrium style doors, one side of the Plisse is mounted on the surface of the fixed door panel using our unique surface mount adapter.  Click here for more information on surface mount adapters.

Click here for more information on how to prepare and order your own Plisse Retractable Door Screen.

Click here for common questions and answers in our FAQ's section.